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A few days ago I was asked to blog about where I draw the line in the sand with my public and private online identity. I feel I have a very hard line between the two but It took me a few days to properly consider this so I hope this post will make sense.

I don’t have too many social networks and I maintain different identities on each. My Facebook is a personal zone where I can connect with friends and family and share photos and comments on my day to day life. On Facebook I’m more free to talk about personal issues (not too personal though, TMI) because I know these people and I feel comfortable sharing certain facts.

Then I have my DeviantArt, Tumblr and YouTube. These are more professional spaces. I talk very freely about my art and art journey on these platforms. I also enjoy connecting with other people and sharing a learning experience so we can all improve together. But in terms of private details the most I ever share is my name and my very general geography. I don’t talk about people I know unless they are also on that network, and I will stick to using their username when I refer to them to maintain their privacy.

When I think about what to share and not share I usually ask myself “Would I like to get up in front of a large room of strangers and shout it out?”. I also apply this question when I’m posting about people I know, “Would I like someone else to get up and shout that out to a crowd if it were about me?”, It depends, but usually it’s a no.

I believe I have quite a reserved view on information sharing on the internet because I have always been taught that everything on the internet is available to a wide audience, permanent and difficult to remove. I’ve also been taught that the internet isn’t just full of the lovely people in IAB206 but some not so nice people that probably shouldn’t know where you live.

You may have noticed I use a display picture that I drew, that is not a photo. This is because photos of me are reserved for my private networks as they make me more identifiable. I know this might seem a little over the top but it’s where I feel comfortable sharing at the moment.

I recently signed up to twitter and I’m having trouble finding things to tweet about that I feel fall within my comfortable zone of public sharing. And this is usually the case and the reason why I tend to be an internet lurker more often than a contributer. But you never know, maybe this blog will help with that a little. I hope this made sense and didn’t go off topic.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
– M

3 thoughts on “Internet & Me”

  1. I love your avatar! In many ways, I think drawn avatars – especially when you draw them yourself – are more representative of who we are.

    If you’re comfortable sharing it, I’d love to see your DeviantArt space. No pressure though!

    1. Thanks. It’s no problem, I added my DeviantArt link to the sidebar if you want to have a look. It’s the black circle with the green icon.

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