More statistics than you’ll ever need

stats 2So many statistics~

What you’re seeing here is a glimpse of my personal statistics collected from my Facebook and organised graphically by the WolframAlpha “Facebook report” tool.

I know the aim of this activity was to generate a network map but to me the most interesting data was about my activity history and friend demographics (age, gender, relationship status, etc.). It was interesting to see when I’m most active and the type of updates I commonly make.

What do you think? What was the most interesting thing you observed when you completed this activity? And for those of you that didn’t, what is the most interesting thing you noticed in my data?

I look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “More statistics than you’ll ever need”

    1. hehe I don’t really. Late nights for uni assignments or even just night owl antics associated with being an artist. I get sucked into a piece I’m working on and when I finish I realise it’s 8 hours later and I should probably sleep. But not before posting the finished work to my social networks. ;p

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