Week 8 Practical Activity

This week, the practical activity was to try out a Quantified life type app or tool and post about it. Problem is I’m really bad at keeping track of my ‘Quantified life’ and I honestly have no interest in that data.

The whole point of the QS movement and lifestyle is that you use the data collected to make a change in your life. But I know that if I used a QS tool for a week I wouldn’t look at the data once, so I’m really not motivated to sign up to a service I will never use.

Additionally, this semester I am under the pump programming 3 websites from scratch. As a relatively weak programmer this translates to me spending a lot of time sitting with my computer. So I’m sure the data would be pretty boring: Exercise, 0; Blood pressure: who knows.

Although, a challenge is a challenge so if you can think of a QS app that I should try let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post.

<update 17th May 2015>

I decided to give lifelogging a try to see how I felt about it. I can’t afford a health tracker based on wearable technology (such as a fitbit) so I opted for a mobile app. I decided to try the free app ‘Waterlogged’, which allows you to enter information about the amount of water you’ve consumed to make sure you reach the heathy target.

I had a lot of trouble remembering to enter data when I had a drink, and I fell behind considerably. After a couple of days I had a very incomplete overview of my water consumption habits. I don’t think manual lifelogging is for me. Maybe I should try a more automated app like a sleep tracker? Does anyone have any suggestions of an app that might suit me better?


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