Week 12 Workshop

I had to attend this workshop online this week because I got sick but I wanted to follow along.

The first activity was to brainstorm what could be discussed in the following blog post.

What is an online community? What is a network? What’s the difference?
What is an online community?
What is a network? How are they different/similar?
Pros and Cons of online versus offline?
Where do online communities occur?
Are there more online or offline communities?
Why do they occur in online spaces?


 The last activity was to learn origami from YouTube.
IMG_5587Yay it worked! I don’t have fancy origami paper though…

4 thoughts on “Week 12 Workshop”

  1. It’s great you were able to do the origami from home Melissa. 🙂 Not so great that you were sick :/
    I was in class, and I found folding the paper precisely was quite tricky and I had to refold it quite a few times so that it would line up properly. I really liked that everyone was helping each other out when we got stuck though. How did you find making the crane, were you able to do it easily or did it take some fiddling around?

    1. Just a chest infection. I’m feeling much better now. 😀 I heard you guys helping each other (before adobe connect died) sounded like you were all having fun.
      I’ve actually made a crane before (I don’t have the process memorised) so I found it easy to follow the tutorial because I knew what to expect. I saw the photo of everyone’s crane on the Google+ community, They looked awesome!! I need to get myself some nice origami paper. Maybe I’ll make a 1,000 paper cranes. ;p Who knows.

  2. I love your crane 😀 It’s so cute 🙂 I am so glad you were able to get in on the workshop. I found it really helpful with the structure. The crane was also a little bit tricky 😛 Have you made any origami before? And how are you feeling now? Hopefully a bit better 🙂

    1. I’m feeling a lot better now. ^u^ I’ll heal up if I rest and take it easy but it’s nothing to be super concerned about.

      I have tried origami before and I have made a paper crane. I actually found paper cranes easier to make than origami frogs. I always got the frog to look right but it was supposed to jump and that never quite worked for me. :/
      Have you done a lot of origami? What is you favorited and/or most difficult pattern?

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